Typical Fonts of Democrats and Republicans

Recently, I wanted to highlight the obvious typographic differences in the communications of the two American political parties and the media close to them. But both camps use roughly the same, fairly neutral typography. The influence of geometric sans serifs like Gotham, as in Obama’s campaign, has been felt across America and around the world from 2008 to the present day.

Not finding a difference in the major media, I decided to make some generalizations based on the typographic spirit of the democratic and republican states. Also I was inspired by vernacular design made by ardent supporters of the two parties.

As a result, I added “democratic” and “republican” tags to our font search and mage this pictures in the mood of the West World series for the Democrats and Twin Peaks for the Republicans

Open, accessible and clear fonts in a globalist spirit.

Reliable, sincere fonts with a strong traditional masculine features.

A very different feeling, but all these fonts are quality and actual. Try, Rent and Buy these fonts for Web and Desktop on Rentafont!

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I have a dream that one day, font designers will be able to join hands with font users as sisters and brothers.